2011 Faculty and Staff Retiree Recognition Album One  

 "Tom Campbell came to Wabash in the fall of 1976 and quickly made his mark within the department, developing our offerings in linguistics, introducing courses in science-fiction, and redesigning classes in medieval literature," Professor Rosenberg said. "Since his arrival on campus, the free-spirited, California surfing, Corvette driving, Rocky Mountain high aspects of his personality have barely diminished. But the other Tom, the one we see every day, is a very hard worker, a committed teacher and scholar, and a company man. Tom has served the College as English Department chair, Chair of the Humanities and Fine Arts Division, and chair of numerous committees, including minority concerns.

"While Tom will certainly be missed by all in the college community, we, his colleagues in the English department, will perhaps miss him the most. Tom has always had great pride in and affection for the department, giving praise freely and making his colleagues in the department feel appreciated. Yet all of us at the College will miss Tom’s enthusiasm, his thoughtfulness, and his efforts to make us better at what we do."

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