2011 Faculty and Staff Retiree Recognition Album One  

Director of Campus Services David Morgan pays tribute to Campus Services' Ron Copeland, who could not attend the luncheon.

"From the time he started work in March of 1970 he cleaned the buildings of Wabash College until he retired in February of this year." Morgan said. "I can’t prove this, but I believe he has cleaned 100% of the buildings on campus. In fact he has cleaned around 130% of the buildings because of his service in buildings such as Waugh, Thomas, the old language houses, and other buildings that only remain in our memories.

"It is commonly said of custodial and maintenance work that we are most successful when we are invisible. If that is true, it is tragic, because it means that most of you here today did not get to know our friend Ron Copeland. He did his work well. Those who noticed him most were those of us who got to work alongside of him, and appreciate his quick smile, willing hand, and warm heart." 

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