Celebrating Earth Day 2011  

Brad Carver and Dirk Garriott ’11 chat beneath the garden shed's passive solar hinged south wall in it's porch roof configuration. 

Garriott designed and built the shed with his Art 210: Architecture classmates Matt Scheller and Jake Strasbaugh.

The genesis of the project was a convergence of two of Garriott's interests. He had been planning to build a shed for the garden, and when he found out that his architecture course final project was to be an installation on campus, he asked Professor Michael Bricker ’04 if designing and building a shed would qualify. Bricker liked the idea, attached a few conditions (the building had to be contemporary and in keeping with sustainable practices), and Garriott, Scheller, and Strasbaugh (with able assistance from Carver) went to work.

"The building is a great example of upcycling (the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality)," Bricker said. Garriott explained that the framing came from structure built for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity's "FIJI Island" celebration. The flooring is made of boards milled from trees that were going to be burned. The siding is from an old barn that was falling down. 

Garriott says his team is proud of the completed shed. 

"It's one of the best things I've done here," Garriott says. 



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