A Biography of Objects: Calisch at Split Cedar Studios  

Calisch's work with found and altered materials has taken many forms over the years, beginning with a sabbatical he spent traveling through Appalachia meeting with folk artists in the area. Read about that collaboration here.

In 2004, he created a wall of art for Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Ind., using the donated possessions of cancer patients and their families. Read about that project here and here.

Kyle Nickel ’03 wrote of Calisch's work on what became known as "the Cancer Wall" at Ball Memorial, "Wabash men are called to 'live humanely,' and there in the corner of the lobby, with his sleeves rolled up, Doug was doing just that. He did not just make art; he let others trade their possessions for a chance to participate in the process. Maybe they learned that creation and healing are never far apart…"


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