A Biography of Objects: Calisch at Split Cedar Studios  

"The way I work—I start with piles. The piles are pretty non-descript at first. Anything on this table is an active player.

"This one (in photo above) is just getting started. The other two on this table have become sculptures. One is almost done, the other I’m struggling with now, not sure what to do next. And this one has nothing attached—I’m still shuffling things around, looking at relationships.

"I promised myself that I’d use this exhibit to push myself to make some new stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to sit in the studio just to think seriously about work. My inclination was to start up where I left off. But it didn't work. I'm not the same person I was three years ago, my life is at a different place. And a lot of the work in the last show had to do with the relationship between natural things and manmade things—and I’ve used a lot of those natural objects up. So, in a way, my hand is forced, because I only work with what I have found. I don’t want to make things from scratch again. I want to use what I have and watch an idea develop.

"A couple of month ago, my wife, Laura, and I did a collaborative piece a sort of altar for her yoga studio. The ideas for these pieces really started then."

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