Raul Salinas in Antarctica  

2008 had left me in a failed relationship working as a private chef and wine professional in a poor California economy. I was beginning to question the direction my life should take. I ventured into Mexico with a backpack, camera, and a destination in mind—Oaxaca, one of the country’s true food and beverage meccas.

After months eating and soaking up the sun I was enroute to Texas to help open a restaurant when I received a call from a chef friend asking if I’d be interested in working in Antarctica.

I’m writing this literally from the South Pole!

Having lived and celebrated in this unexpected environment for 12 months and counting, I’ve been reflecting on my priorities, dreams, and expectations. I’ve developed two business plans. I intend to return to Indiana in 2011 to find local investors, hoping my 40th birthday will be as memorable as my 30th!

Raul Salinas ’01, member of the 2010 Winterover Crew, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica 

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