Faculty-Staff Retirement Luncheon 12-9-10 Album II  

Professor of Biology and Director of Operations for the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts Bill Doemel is congratulated by Dean of the College Gary Phillips and President Pat White. 

Dean of the College Gary Phillips said, "In his 40 plus year career at Wabash College, Bill Doemel has been a force and a face in shaping the direction and character of the College through innovative teaching and service. In these and so many other ways Bill Doemel has shown faculty, staff and students how to lead. We are the beneficiaries of his imagination, his dogged commitment to excellence and fairness, and his readiness to pitch in to do the hard work of realizing the promise of this College.

"He leads us by example. The College’s mission, he is never shy of reminding all of us, is about the student and the student’s learning experience; this is the College’s and his first priority."


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