Dwight Watson: 2010 LaFollette Lecture  

Professor Watson gets a congratulatory hug from theater department colleague Mike Abbott ’85.

"As a director I know my talent often stops at the scene shop door or upstage of the proscenium arch bathed in light on opening night. Leaving designers to design, and actors to act, I respectfully enter into the “marriage” because I know, using Lee Shulman’s words, “There are difficult intellectual and professional challenges that are nearly impossible to accomplish alone, but are readily addressed in the company of others.”

"Let me be clear about this, however. The intellectual power in collaboration—or to shift the idea to a broader context—interdisciplinary teaching, is dependent on individual talent and the praxis of disciplinary study. When Arthur Miller adapted Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, he put it this way: “Before many can know something, one must know it!”. I would add, we must forge and secure the structural integrity of academic majors as we build a solid platform on which our students and their college can be lifted up."

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