Ides of August Album One  

"We've spent an average of 20 hours per week on the post production work of the film," Professor Morton said. "And I mean 'we.' This has been a true collaboration."

She added that Professor of Music James Makubuya provided original music for the soundtrack (Makubuya has played for movies before, including Spike Lee's Mississippi Masala) and Assistant Professor of Theater Jim Cherry narrates the film.

The film is being considered for airing on Nigerian State Television (a channel with more than two million viewers), and will premiere October 22nd in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After the premiere, the film will be shown at the University of Wisconsin, the Chicago Art Institute, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, among other venues. It has also been submitted to the Heartland Film Festival for consideration.

Professor Morton wrote about the collaboration in the Winter edition of Wabash Magazine. Read her essay here.

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