Brain Day at the Carnegie Museum 2010  

Assistant Professor of Psychology Karen Gunther, who also teaches neuroscience courses at the College, demonstrated to young participants how the brain can be fooled into believing we are being touched when we're actually only visualizing the experience.

Asked what she hoped visitors would take away from the experience, Professor Gunther said, "I hope they realize that brains are cool, not icky!

"And we hope people took away maybe a few tidbits of information—such as how you can tell from looking at the direction from which the spinal cord leaves the brain if it’s from a 2- or 4-footed creature, or why the rubber hand illusion works, or that you can adapt your brain to altered input such as from the prism goggles.

"And if they did take away a couple of fun facts, hopefully in the future they’ll be more interested in finding out more about the brain."

In the photo above Whit Horton seems to know Professor Gunther is trying to trick his brain!




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