172nd Commencement Honorary Degree Luncheon  

Will Shortz, Wabash honors you today not only for your preeminence in your field, for your fame and great success. We honor you because you have engaged in a life of the mind, a life committed to the play of the mind. You have taught us again to play, that the life of the mind is not a burden, but a passion, not an onerous duty, but the natural state of human experience; thinking and creating are what we have been created to do.

In this you are one with the great teachers, poets, and scientists in human history, and Wabash is proud to honor you today as an exemplary practitioner and devoted teacher of the liberal arts, of the joy that can come to us all when we enact what it means to be human.

—President Pat White introduces 2010 Honorary Degree Recipient Will Shortz

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