Wally at the Bat: A Liberal Arts Symposium on Baseball  

Emeritus Trustee Bob Wedgeworth ’58 gave a talk at the baseball symposium about growing up in the latter days of the old Negro Leagues. His talk, "Only the Ball Was White," detailed what it was like to attend Kansas City Monarchs' games on Sunday afternoons. He painted a picture that he said was like "Easter Sunday" every weekend when the Monarchs were in town, when folks would dress up, go to church, and have a parade that emptied directly into the stadium, where 10-15,000 fans — all African American — would cheer on the Monarchs. Wedgeworth's brother in law, Al "Slick" Surratt, played three seasons with the Monarchs and presented symposia led by Faye Vincent and appeared in Ken Burns' stunning baseball documentary.

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