Wally at the Bat: A Liberal Arts Symposium on Baseball  

Sports Psychologist Chris Carr ’82 has worked with elite athletes in virtually every competitive sport — from the US Ski Team to Major League Soccer to the Indiana Fever. But in his symposium talked, Dr. Carr discussed the six years he spent as team psychologist for the Kansas City Royals. He recalled taking a phone call from George Brett shortly after taking the job. He asked the Hall of Famer what the toughest part of the game was for him. Brett's reply: "Doc, if I have 100 at bats and get on base 30 times, I make the All-Star Game. If I carry my last at bat to the plate, I'll have a long career in the minor leagues." Carr said the best work he did with the Royals was when he'd go out to left or right field to shag balls during batting practice, during which time players would casually come up to him and share their problems and fears. 

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