Insects as Food  
Did you know that insects are a healthy and environmentally friendly source of food? Insects are low in calories, high in protein and filled with all kinds of minerals necessary for a healthy diet. They're also environmentally friendly: To produce a pound of beef, farmers have to produce up to ten pounds of feed. Insect production is MUCH more efficient, which means we can devote our land and our resources to other things. With this in mind, Wabash welcomed noted Purdue entomologist Dr. Tom Turpin for a presentation on Insects as Food. Wait! You say you don't eat insects?! Well, that's simply not true. The average American eats well over a pound of insects per year. They come included (and free of charge) in everything from peanut butter to fruit juice to cereal. Basically, almost every processed food we eat is filled with them. Many came out to learn about how eating insects can save the planet! This event was sponsored by the Visiting Lecture Committee. Light refreshments (ahem!) were served.  
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