History of Christianity in Africa, Day Six, Album Two  

At our gathering at Kibera sponsored by the Damietta Peace Initiative, Professor Cook was at his best delivering the main address commemorating the 25th anniversary of the first World Day of Prayer in 1986 at Assisi. Cook spoke of Francis of Assisi’s objection to the Crusades and his meeting in 1219 with the Sultan with hopes of bringing  peace during the siege of Damietta, Egypt. 

”That day, Damietta was the center of the world,’’ Cook said. Then 25 years ago religious leaders from all over the world and all faiths met in Assisi for the first World Day of Prayer for Peace. On that day they were one, and on that day assissi was the center of the world.

”Today we meet as brothers and sisters of many faiths, not to ignore our differences, but to put them into proper perspective. This is sacred soil, and today Kibera is the center of the world.


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