Brain Day at the Carnegie Museum 2010  

The Second Annual Brain Day at the Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County, a partnership between the museum and the Wabash College Psychology Department, proved another great success last Saturday, drawing 120 students and adults from the Crawfordsville and Wabash communities for an afternoon of learning activities.

This year's participants had the chance to have an electroencephalogram (EEG) to "see" their brain activity, to take a lie detector test, to see real brains, including microscope slides and whole sheep brains, and to put on prism goggles to test how their brains deal with changes in perception.

"People loved the event," said Carnegie Museum Director Kat Burkhart. "A number of people were so intrigued that they stayed the entire afternoon. It was definitely to big draw of the day."

In the photo above, Assistant Professor of Psychology Neil Schmitzer-Torbert, who teaches neuroscience courses at the College, points out the parts of a sheep brain.


Photos by Steve Charles

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