Big Bash: Class of 60 Memorial Service  

At Saturday's Class of 1960 Memorial Service, President Pat White rang Caleb Mills' bell in honor of the 36 men from the class who had died before this year's 50th Renion. Since 1971, Wabash presidents have rung the bell—which Caleb Mills, the College's first faculty member of Wabash, used to call the first class of Wabash students to order in 1833— to welcome incoming classes on Freshman Saturday and bless graduating seniors at Commencement Day.

As he stepped to the podium, President White said, “Gentleman, if you will, stand with me and join me in silence as I take up the bell of Caleb Mills and we together ring out our fallen brothers of the Class of 1960. Men whom we remember young and strong and full of life, men who, like our best imaginations of ourselves, remain always young, strong, full of life, loving and true, good and lively; men who will always be in our hearts and who remain with us forever and always, our brothers and brave Wabash men.”

“To hear that bell consolidated every emotion I was feeling in the Chapel,” Reunion Chair Dick Kite ’60 said following the ceremony. “Three fraternity brothers of mine were on that list they read. And Pat rang the bell so vigorously—I thought he might ring it more mournfully, that it could be maudlin, but it was lively the way he rang it—he captured what we’d imagined when we wanted a celebration of our classmates.”

Photos by Steve Charles



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