Brass and Woodwind Ensembles Spring Concert 2010  

"The Full-Throated Power of the Music"—In performances featuring arrangements by senior Jason Allen and Director Peter Hulen, the College's Brass and Woodwind Ensembles presented their Spring Concerts, then combined for a final number—the first time in 15 years a Wabash Concert Band has taken the stage.

"Six years ago, we had seven students in the ensemble," said Professor Peter Hulen, who directs both the Brass Ensemble and Concert Band. "Tonight, we have 21 in this group."

"When the Concert Band performed the Copland piece at the end of the program, the full-throated power of the music shot through the audience," said Wabash President Pat White, in the audience with Wabash First Lady Chris White. "Peter Hulen and his colleagues in the music department are taking giant steps to enhance the role of music in the liberal arts at Wabash."


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