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Habitat for Humanity Build, Indianapolis

The Wabash Athletic Department partnered with the NCAA and Habitat for Humanity to assist on a one-day build. Eight student-athletes and 11 coaches and staff members worked alongside NCAA staffers on the two-house job site on southwest side of Indianapolis.

a group of people standing in front of a building

The group poses for a photo proior to getting started on the day's work.

a group of men standing outside

Dave Hoggatt (right), one of Habitat for Humanity's Tiger Team leders, goes over instructions for the group.

a man in a blue shirt and cap holding a bucket of food

Associate Head Football Coach Jake Gilbert (left) and Director of Track & Field and Cross Country Clyde Morgan work out a plan to attack the day.

a man holding a wall

Nate Matelic '27 eyes a task.

a group of people standing in front of a building

Habitat's Ed Abbott (left) demonstrates the use of a hand saw as  group members look on, including (from second from left) Cooper Jarvis '25; Louise McCleary, NCAA vice president of Division III; Matt Tanney, Wabash athletics director, and Katie Mucci, NCAA assistant director of Division III.

a group of men wearing hats

Head Swimming and Diving Coach Will Bernhardt (left) listens intently as Abbott explains a task.

a group of people standing around a circular saw

Abbott (center) explains the safety precautions of the miter saw for Jacks (left) and Gavin Ruppert '26.

a man in a blue shirt with a circular saw

Jacks settles in on a miter saw.

a group of people standing in front of a house

Frank Hartman (left) talks through a project with (from left) Allison Manwell, assistant athletic director; Emile Conde, assistant track and field coach; Daniel Bickett, head tennis coach; and Amber Rae, a Habitat for Humanity homeowner.

a man measuring a window

Jacks measures a length of baseboard molding.

a man and woman working on a wood plank

Hartman (right) helps Rae discover the feeling that comes with the power of the saw blade.

a man in a blue shirt

Matelic concentrates on a task.

a man in a blue shirt and cap measuring a piece of wood

Conde (left) and Bickett work together gathering measurements.

a woman using a circular saw

Manwell executes a cut.

a man in a blue shirt

Gilbert tidies up a spot on the front porch.

a man in glasses and a man in orange shirt

Abbott (right) takes a moment to anser a question from Jacks.

a man smiling at another man

Ayrton Graziano '27 (center) shares a laugh with a member of the NCAA's social media team.

a man in a red hat

Adam Mullett '26 thoughtfully approaches some cabinetry work.

a woman in a blue shirt

McCleary asks for assistance.

a man holding a pair of scissors

Eric Hartung, director of Division III, concentrates on the cabinet installation.

a woman wearing a reflective vest and sunglasses

Melissa Richards (left), one of the Habitat homeowners at this site, chats with Ali Teopas Spurgen, NCAA associate director of Division III.

a woman smiling at camera

Assistant Athletics Director Tori Gregory assists with cuts to baseboard molding.

a group of men working on a wood project

Bickett (left) and Conde work together on the miter saw.

a man holding a drill

Noah Villalon '26 works on a door frame.

a group of men working on a woodworking machine

After measuring, Ruppert (right) marks a cut as Jacks looks on.

a man in a blue shirt

Evan Miller '26 checks the progress of the ongoing work.

a man holding a door

Athletics Commuication Director Brent Harris assists with a door.

a man in a blue shirt measuring a wall

Tanney gathers measurements in of of the homes' dining areas.

a man in a blue shirt with a red hat and a red label on his shirt

Mullett (left) talks with Bill Regan, NCAA managing director of Division III.

a man standing next to another man

Tanney (right) and J.P. Wiley, Habitat for Humanity's senior corporate development officer, talk with others on the job site. 

a group of people in blue shirts

Jackson Goodyear '27 (left) chats with Villalon.

a group of people wearing matching t-shirts

Mullett (left) and Graziano (center) get some tips on the meticulousness of cabinet installation from Habitat's Joe Kessler.

a man in a blue shirt with a man in a orange hat

Tanney (center) enjoys a light moment with Abbott (left) and McCleary.

a man and woman looking at something on a white board

Then the focus turns back to the baseboards.

a group of people in a room

Habitat for Humanity Site Coordinator Mark Payne (center) gives direction to the group.

a man in blue shirt carrying a pallet

Villalon helps move a large pallet.

a man and woman standing in front of a group of people

Wiley (right) and Felicia Martin, NCAA vice president of inclusion, education, and community engagement, talked to the group about the importance and impacts of thier efforts on the job site during the lunch break.

a man in a blue shirt speaking to a group of people

Tanney spoke of how such service was a direct link to Wabash's core mission.

a woman standing in front of a group of people

Habitat for Humanity's Abri Hochstetler, vice president of development and communications, thaked all in attendance for their hard work.

a man standing next to a camera

Ruppert is interviewd on location by WISH-TV.

a man using a circular saw to cut a piece of wood

Bernhardt works a miter saw with Gregory's help.

a man taking a picture of a man sitting on the floor

Matelic installs a baseboard to the kitchen cabinets under the watchful eye of WISH-TV.

a man wearing a red and white cap and glasses

Clark Tinder '20, assistant director of facilities, equipment, and game operations, is all smiles.

a group of blue hard hats on a table

Hard hats await the end of the day.

a person measuring a piece of wood

The adage learned on nearly every job site: measure twice, cut once.

a man wearing a hat and goggles

Conde pays attention to detail.

a man holding a mop

Miller cleans up.

a man and woman wearing blue shirts

Gregory (left) and Bernhardt make certain these corner pieces will fit togther perfectly.

a man wearing glasses and a blue shirt giving a thumbs up

No one was happier to use a nail gun than Morgan.

a group of people wearing blue shirts and hats

The Wabash group, pictured at the end of the day, with well-earned Habitat for Humanity hard hats.

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