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Wabash Football Tailgate at Butler

Photos from the pregame festivites and scenes from inside the stadium on Sept. 16, 2023, when the Wabash football team traveled to Indianapolis for a game against Butler. The tailgate was supported by the Wabash Club of Indianapolis.

a group of Wabash College football fans at a tailgate

There was plenty of Wabash spirit present at the pregame tailgate prior to the first Wabash-Butler football game since 1976. More than 600 alumni, family, and firends attended the event.

a man in a red shirt

There were smiles aplenty Saturday afternoon.

a man in a Wabash College sweatshirt smiling

Recent graduate Jakob Faber '23 made an appearance.

a boy in a red shirt

Some of the smallest Little Giants are the biggest fans!

a group of men wearing red shirts

There was plenty of Wabash red in the Sellick Bowl parking lot.

Two Wabash College alumni share a laugh

Adam Alexander '16 (left) shares a laugh with Jon Pactor '71.

a man looking down at someone

With a 6 p.m. kick off, there was plenty of time for conversation.

A Wabash College Sphinx Club pot

The Monon Bell is never far from a Sphinx Club member's thoughts.

a group of men in red shirts

Multiple generations were present for this moment.

a group of girls sitting on a ledge

Who has the cupcake?

a group of men in red shirts

A little encouragement was needed prior to this important bag toss.

a man laughing with another man in the back

Tailgates tend to elicit a lot of laughter.

a man holding a can and another man standing next to a group of people

Every friendship starts with a handshake.

a group of people wearing red shirts

The Rudicels pictured with Jon Pactor (right).

a man and woman posing for a picture

Davionne Garrett '22 (left) and his girlfriend were a part of the gathering.

a man wearing sunglasses with blue lenses

He was one toss from victory.

a man hugging a man

Hugs were almost as common as handshakes Saturday afternoon.

a group of people posing for a photo

This grioup stopped for a moment to pose.

a man smiling at a woman

It was a great time to catch up with friends.

a boy holding a football

The next generation of Little Giants is warming up.

a man in a baseball cap holding a cup

Little Giant fans were everywhere.

a man in red shirt and cap holding a cup

If you forget the words to Old Wabash, you can find them on that cup.

a man wearing a red hat

Young and old were well represented.

a group of men smiling

These two were ready with white gear for the road game.

a man in a red shirt

Plenty of students were in attendance.

a man and woman holding cups

Spirits were high as kick off got closer.

a man in a red tank top and white hat

There was plenty of time to converse.

a man hugging another man

"It's good to see you," was heard a lot.

a group of people posing for a photo

Jordan Brewer '11 (left) is picturd with his family.

a man wearing a red and white striped outfit with a group of women

There is always time for one more photo.

a group of people in red and white striped uniforms

Much of the Sellick Bowl crowd was sporting the Wabash colors.

a group of people in red shirts

The enthusiasm was very visible from the student section.

a group of people in striped red and white uniforms

That "Wabash Always Fights" attitude is displayed by the Sphinx Club.

a group of people in a stadium

Wabash fans celebrate the team's first touchdown of the evening.

a football player kneeling on the ground

Tim Miller '27 concentrates from the sidelines.

a man in a football uniform throwing a football

Will Fremion '27 warms up with a teammate.

a football player in a white uniform

Quarterback Liam Thompson '24 on the sideline.

a group of football players wearing helmets

Offensive lineman Cameron Ford '25 awaits action.

a group of football players

There was plenty of concentration on the Wabash sideline.

a man wearing headphones and a red shirt

Wabash head coach Don Morel on the sideline.

a football player with his mouth open

Defenseive lineman Cole Bergman '24 had plenty of energy. He's also the student body president.

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