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Day of Giving Lunch #1

a group of men in red shirts using laptops

The 10th annual Day of Giving features activies on campus throught the day. One of the highlights is the all-campus lunch in Chadwick Court. In addition to games of strength and skill, there was a giving challenge among the classes.

a man looking at a tablet

Some students were not hesitatnt to get involved.

a man pointing at a sign

Once a donation was made, progress could be charted on this tote board.

a man looking at a cell phone

Hugh Vandivier '91, Associate Director of Annual Giving (left) shares an interesting photo with a student.

a group of people standing next to a table with red shirts

Selecting the proper t-shirt size at times needed the eyeball test.

a group of people in a room

The Day of Giving t-shirts are always a popular giveaway.

a group of people holding a sign

Celebrating Wabash's culture of philanthropy is a great reason to bring the entire campus together.

a group of men standing around a table with food

Smart students grabbed a little salad before loading up on the carbohydrates.

a group of people sitting at a table

There were plenty of smiles around all of the lunch tables.

a group of men sitting at a table

The Day of Giving makes lunch feel like a special occasion.

a group of people posing for a photo

Wally was a popular photo station guest, pictured here with (from left) President Scott Feller, his wife, Wendy, Trish Braun, and Board of Trustee member Chris Braun '81.

a group of men looking at a tablet

Another student makes a gift.

a man looking at a shirt

Professor of Psychology Bobby Horton peruses the t-shirts.

a group of people posing for a photo

There was plenty of Wabash pride on display Wednesday afternoon.

a man playing golf on a green carpet

A student tries his luck at the putting contest.

a man in red and white striped outfit lying on the floor with a rope around him

After winning his tug-o-war battle, Brett Driscoll '24 (bottom) celebrates accordingly.

two men posing with a mascot

It's hard to tell who is happier in this photo, Ahmoni Jones '24 (left), Wally, or Jake Paige '23.

a man and woman sitting in chairs

The stages of a pie-in-the-face contest: Professors Eric Dunaway (economics, left) and Shamira Gelbman (political science) await their pies.

a group of people in red shirts

Stage 2: Mason Naaman '24 is all smiles as he prepares his pie.

a group of people in red shirts

Stage 3: Evan Kanetkar '24 (left) and Naaman count down to the delivery of their pies.

a group of people in chairs with red shirts

Stage 4: delivery

a group of people eating food

Stage 5: recovery

a group of people standing in front of a balloon

The Wabash Glee Club closed the lunch with a rousing rendition of 'Old Wabash.'

a group of people wearing red shirts

'Long in our hearts, we'll bear the sweetest mem'ries of thee, Long shall we sing thy praises, Old Wabash!'

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