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Puppets in Prague immersion trip: November 17-26

a man standing in front of a wall full of puppets

Miroslav Trejtnar's workshop

Mirek Trejtnar introduces students to the intricacies of puppet joints.

a wood carving tools on a table

Puppet hands

Marionette hands carved by Aj Miller '23

a man in an orange apron

Sam North '23 taking in new carving techniques.

a man in an orange sweater

Mirek Trejtnar explains the importance of rounding the edges to turn the puppet from a block of wood into piece of art.

a man in an apron working on a wood piece

K'tren Wilson '24 works diligently on the hands of his marionette.

a man writing on a whiteboard

Mirek Trejtnar walks students through the variety in chisel shapes.

a group of people working in a workshop

William Rolfson '23 (left), Logan Weilbaker '25 (middle, and Max Kercheval '23 (right) in the beginning stages of the puppet making process.

a group of people in a store

Jonathan Gonzalez ’24 (right) and Jakob Faber '23 (right) settle into their workstations.

a man and woman working on a wood carving

Professor Bear reveals some tricks she's learned to Aj Miller '23.

a man sitting in a chair in a workshop

Sam North '23 pensively working.

a man in an apron writing on a piece of wood

Aj Miller '23 outlines his puppet's head using transfer paper.

a wooden toys on a shelf

Some of Mirek Trejtnar's toy pieces lay on on shelves inside of his workshop.

a man standing next to a man in a room with puppets

Zdar Šorm, master carver, laughs with Max Kercheval '23 over the struggles found in carving.

a wooden objects in a box

Crates full of puppet heads, legs, and feet are used as examples for students.

a person in an orange sweater and green apron

Mirek Trejtnar sharpens his bandsaw blade.

a white board with drawings on it

A model displays the evolution of carving a puppet boot.

a person carving a piece of wood

Logan Weilbaker '25 woks on the defining his puppet's fingers.

a person using a tool to cut a piece of wood

Todd Handlogten carves a moustache; a trophy for the last person to cut themselves.

a group of puppets from strings

A closer look at a few of Mirek Trejtnar's marionette.

a man holding a phone

Mirek Trejtnar cautions students of carving towards themselves.

a group of people working on wood

Jonathan Gonzalez ’24 (left) and Logan Weilbaker '25 (right) hone in on their marionettes.

a man holding a piece of wood

Mirek Trejtnar demonstrates the differences in puppet arms.

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