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The Ides of August, 8/16/2019

a woman standing in front of a screen

Created nearly 40 years ago by Biology Professor Thomas Cole, the Ides of August provides a look at the scholarly and creative work of Wabash faculty. Here, Associate Professor of Political Science Shamira Gelbman delivers her presentation, 'One Booming Voice: The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the Second Reconstruction.'

a woman standing in front of a projector screen

It what currently is a book project, Gelbman mentioned, 'In the crowd of organizations, there were a number of young women...who got an opportunity, who developed into working organizational representatives,' i.e. lobbyists.

a man in a white shirt

Assistant Professor of Biology Brad Carlson presented 'Using Online Museum Databases to Explore the Demographics of Wildlife Populations.' Of the research he did with students in his Advanced Ecology class, Carlson said, 'You read a paper and the abstract gives away the ending, but they didn’t know what was going to happen and a number of them were excited about it.'

a man in glasses holding a black object

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Chad Westphal presented 'A Mathematicsl Model for the Transmission of Zika Virus Disease with Intervention Methods.'

a man with glasses and a beard

Westphal may have uttered the line of Ides when he quipped, 'It's a little daunting to present a math talk with no math in it.'

a woman in a purple cardigan

Associate Professor of Chemistry Laura Wysocki presented 'Connecting Through Dye Chemistry: Collaboration in Undergraduate Research.'

a woman in a purple cardigan

'What we want of discussions is the ability to suggest and reject a hypothesis in the same conversation. You can be open and equal,' Wysocki said.

a woman standing in front of a projection screen

Assistant Professor of French Karen Quandt presented 'The Nature of Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris.' She quoted Hugo in saying, 'Restoring a building isn't about going back to the past, it's about letting it grow.'

a woman standing in front of a projector screen

Assistant Professor of Political Science Lorraine McCrary presented 'Politics in Community: L'Arche's Inclusion of People With Intellectual Disabilities.'

a man in a suit standing in front of a projection screen

Professor of Psychology Bobby Horton presented 'The American Talent Initiative at Wabash College.'

a man in a black shirt

Assistant Professor of Economics Eric Dunaway presented 'Robinson Crusoe Meets Henry Ford: A Behaviorial Examination of the Efficency Wage.'

a man holding a device

Dunaway took the conversation from a microeconomics perspective to a macroeconomics problem.

a woman standing in front of a projector screen

Assistant Professor of Biology Heidi Walsh presented 'Superhero Physiology: A Case Study for Fostering Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, and Self-Efficacy Through Community-Engaged Learning.' She said, 'I thought my students (would) probably know a decent amount about superheroes, and especially with the popularity of all of the films and everything right now...It was really cool to see them work through showing concepts in a hands-on way to kids of this age group.'

a man in a striped shirt

Associate Professor of Psychology Eric Olofson presented 'Integrating Laboratory Experiences into Introduction to Psychology.'

a man standing in front of a projector screen

Olofson said that Psychology 101 presents a pedagogical challenge: learning about vs. doing. 'We want our students to do more.'

a woman in a white shirt

Assistant Professor of Art Annie Strader presented 'Performance Art is the New Drawing.' She said, 'In the 21st Century, art representes more than just a representation of the world around us.'

a woman in a green shirt

Professor of Economics Joyce Burnett presented 'Missing Work: Absenteeism Among Nineteenth-Century Textile Factory Workers.'

a man standing in front of a screen

Associate Professor of English Eric Freeze read from one of his most recent short stories, 'Mystery Girl.'

a man holding a piece of paper

Freze said, 'Part of me felt like I was deconstructing a crime.'

a woman standing in front of a screen

Assistant Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies Cara Healey presented 'Exploring the Margins of Chinese Science Fiction.'

a woman standing in front of a screen

Healey asked two questions to start: What counts as Chinese science fiction and what makes it Chinese?

a man holding a piece of paper

Professor of Spanish Dan Rogers presented 'The Beginning and End of Spanish in the Philippines.'

a man holding a paper

Rogers' work took the audience from the occidental to the oriental.

a man in a plaid shirt

Professor of Chemistry Lon Porter presented 'Building New Tools for Student Laboratory Learning Using 3D Printers and Superlasers.' He said, 'To go into a lab and to not be an expert, to be able to collaborate, is a neat blending of the laboratory and a studio.'

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