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Thomas Lents' Sixteen Restaurant

a man wearing a black apron

Thomas Lents '95 is the Executive Chef at Chicago's Trump Tower signature restaurant Sixteen. Sixteen has earned two Michelin stars and Forbes highest-rating of five stars.The Sixteen dining room features 30-foot windows floor-to-ceiling with a magnificent view of the Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower and the Chicago River.

a small round plate with food on it

The Sixteen Winter Menu began with four snacks, from the menu: In Search of New Cuisines: The Emergence of the Nordic. The first snack was a buckwheat and rutabaga blini with peppered mackrel and radish.

a bowl of food on a plate

The second 'snack' was marinated cuttlefish with beet, sea weeds, and trout roe.

a clam shell on a plate with a fork

The third 'snack' was smoked oyster, potato gel, and horseradish.

a plate of food on a white surface

The fourth small bite was king crab with carrot, sea buckthorn, and dill.

a lobster with black caviar and white sauce

The 'Amuse' is a small portion appetizer selected by the chef. This course was titled The Remains of a Spanish Movement: Flavors Left From a Technical Movement. The 'Amuse' was a langoustine in its shell, chorizo, pine nut and citrus.

a plate of food on a pile of grain

Several different breads were beautifully presented as seen in the photo. The server then would return to his work station, slice the breads, and serve.

a close up of food

Diners choose between two selections for the First Course titled 'The Importance of Flora: Vegetables Reclaim a Central Part.' The first item was a salad of Greeque style vegetables served in an artichoke with comte' and fermented garlic.

a plate of food with a fork

The second selection from the first course was variations of onion, cipollini petals and caramelized jus with bacon, sourdough, and cultured butter.

a plate of food on a white plate next to a glass of wine

Next a 'gift' from the chef' came to our diners. The gift is just that, another special few bites not on the menu. The first gift was a beautiful sliced scallop prepared in a wine sauce.

a plate of food on a table

The other 'gift' was foie gras with kumquat served with a Sicilian white wine.

a plate of food on a table

The Second Course was titled Mining Traditions: What is Old is New Again. The first choice was grilled lobster on rice with uni and coffee served with sparkling Japanese Sake.

a plate of food on a white plate

The other second course option was veloute' of lettuce with veal sweetbreads and razor clams served with a craft beer.

a plate with food on it

Then another 'Gift from the Chef' arrived at the table. It was a veal dish served in severed bone. At left is bits of veal brisket, center is deviled kidney, and on right bites of veal tounge with deviled quail egg.

a pot of food on a mat

Diners this evening were presented three of the Main Course dishes of A New Fusion: Forward Thinking with Respect for Tradition. The first was Monkfish cheek matelote. The definition of a matelote is fish served with a sauce of wine, onions, seasonings, and fish stock.

a wine bottle and glass

Diners may choose to add an outstanding beverage pairing to the tasting menu for $125 or a premier pairing for $750. The standard pairing was delightful. The main course pairing featured Italian Barolo for the monfish and Loire Valley Cabernet Franc for the venison.

a plate of food on a white plate

The second main course plate was fallow venison with fennel, red fruits, faro, and butter milk with a hibiscus and currant jus.

food on a plate

The third of the four main course offering available on the night of the visit with Chef Lents was Monkfish cooked on the bone with endive, truffle and blood orange. The Monfish was presented whole at the table than expertly sliced and served.

a plate of food on a white surface

Following the best of French tradtions, showcasing a part of Lent's culinary training was a cheese tray with multiple selections and garnishes.

a plate with food in it

Then as the meal starts to wind down the diner is treated to four transitions - (think palate cleanser!) The first two were a pineaple, celery, and mint granite (on the right) and a mango, quark, and chocolate gateau. The definition of a gateau is a French sponge cake.

a spoonful of food on a napkin next to a glass of liquid

The third transition was papaya and guava spritzer.

a plate of desserts on a white surface

The final course is A Blurred Line between Savory and Sweet: In Defense of the Pastry Chef. The first of two selections was a chocolate cake with pecan, coconut, and kaffir lime.

a plate of food on a white surface

The other final course choice was a lemon tart with diplomat cream, fennel, and olive oil jam.

a small chocolate cake in a small white bowl next to a cup of coffee

Fresh brewed coffee and a tradional French Bordeaux Cannelés finishes the meal. The Cannelés is a small cake with a carmelized shell.

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