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Celebration of Student Research 2015, Album 2

a man in a suit and tie

Austyn Belden ’18 presents during the 15th Annual Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work. Belen and classmates in his freshman tutorial presented their model for creating a community service project to benefit Montgomery County.

a man in a suit and bow tie

Anthony Douglas II ’17 and Justin Green ’16 discussed their analysis and critique of the Montgomery County Tea Party social movement organization as part of their coursework for Professors Jeff Drury (Rhetoric) and Shamira Gelbman (Political Science).

a group of people sitting in a classroom

Albert Li ’16 reacts to one of nearly 50 presentations during the afternoon Celebration.

a man wearing a bow tie and a suit

Aren Peterson ’16 presents his summer research at the University of Luxembourg. His research 'Epilepsy treatments in Danio rerio' was part of a longer project done with the Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine.

a man in a suit speaking to a man in a room

Brian Gregory ’18 was one of four students selected to present on behalf of the freshman tutorial 'Gentlemen and Citizens.' After learning about and discussing various types of charity from monetary donations to service the class chose to hold a canned food drive in conjunction with the Monon Bell game.

a man looking at another man

Bilal Jawed ’17 shares samples of mosquitos collected during his summer internship with the Montgomery County Health Department. Jawed spent the summer collecting and testing samples and treating areas at highest risk for transmitting West Nile Virus to Montgomery County citizens.

a man talking to another man

Benjamin Washer ’17 talks with a fellow student about his research with Professor Lon Porter on porous silicon. Other members of his research team include Campbell Higbie ’15 and Matthew Bupp ’15

a group of men standing in a room

Campbell Higbie ’15 was a member of the research team that presented ’Initial studies of metal ion extraction using porous silicon.’

a man in a yellow shirt and tie standing next to a computer

Conner Lefever ’16 presented his comparative study of the localization of PepsiCo and Coca Cola in China.

a man in a suit and tie

Emiliano Aguilar ’15 shared findings from research on cultural identity in Chicano music across time.

a man in a cap raising his hands

Many students who were not presenting at Celebration attended presentations and poster sessions to learn and ask questions of their peers.

a man talking to another man

Even after presentations students and faculty continued to discuss the topics at hand.

a man wearing a red jacket

Justin Green ’16 presented jointly with Anthony Douglas II ’17 on the Montgomery County Tea Party social movement organization.

a man talking to another man

Joe Mount ’15 talks to Dean of the College Scott Feller about his summer internship with the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program.

a man in a tie speaking to a woman

Josh Santan ’15 explains the details of his research on xanthene dyes to Professor Karen Gunther.

a man wearing glasses and a plaid shirt

Jingwei Song ’15 is hoping to become a marine biologist. His research 'Microsatellite analyses of tautog, tautoga omits, population structure off the Atlantic Coast is a step in that direction.

a man in a suit and tie talking to a group of men

Keaton Holsinger ’15 conducted research on pollinator efficiency.

a man standing in front of a poster

Kyle Stucker ’17 presented his rhetorical analysis on the Library of Congress.

a man in a suit and tie

Korbin West talks to a group of National Association of Wabash Men board members who were on campus for meetings and to attend Celebration.

a group of men in a room

Matthew Bupp ’15 and fellow researchers Benjamin Washer ’17 and Campbell Higbie ’15 discuss porous silicon.

a group of men in suits

Shane Beaman ’18 represented his freshman tutorial 'Gentlemen and Citizens.' After research, course readings, and visiting and volunteering for local non-profits the class created what they hope becomes an annual event - Tackling Hunger - which this year raised 370 pounds of canned goods for the local food pantry during Monon Bell Week.

a man standing in front of a computer

Xinyu Ma ’17 proved he clearly understood his research on the global/local business success of KFC in China. After presenting his findings he fielded several questions from a packed room.

a man pointing at something

Xidan Sun ’15 talks with Professor Dennis Kraus about his research with Chris Rai ’15.

a man pointing at a poster

Yang Yang ’17 talks with Professor Danielle McDermott about his poster titled 'Anomalous motion of trapped ion microspheres.'

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