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Midnight Munch 2012 - TR

a group of people wearing aprons standing in a room

The phase briefing before the start

a woman standing in a room

Bon Appetit General Manager Mary Jo Johnston thanks the participants for helping.

a group of people in aprons reading a book

They are ready to go!

a man in an apron talking to another man

Professor Lon Porter won the best apron award!

a man writing on a paper

David Troutman signing up for dish washing duty!

a group of people standing behind a counter

The line is ready!

a group of men standing around a tray of food

The evening is fun for everyone.

a group of people standing in a room

The line began to fill in long before we started.

a man in a red hat and white apron making pancakes

President Pat White at his traditional pancake station

a white substance on a surface

A Monon Bell one-off pancake created by President Pat White

a man in a kitchen with a woman in a red shirt

Professor Colin McKinney reports the Gravy Train has left the station!

a woman standing in front of a group of people seated in a room

Professor Melissa Butler talks to a packed house

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