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Photo Albums

Grand Canyon TR

a group of people playing cards

The nightly card game, outside of course, using our headlamps!

two men on a rock

That's Chris and Jeremy Runge

a road in a canyon

Look closely at the trail

a group of men standing around a picnic table

Our leader, Dudley Burgess '64, in the middle with son Andy '90 on the right

a bridge over a river

The bridge across the Colorado headed into Phantom Ranch

a winding road on a rocky hillside

We need to go where?

a group of people standing on a path

Bobbi, Dudley, and Bill

a canyon with a river

Phantom Ranch is that little green patch?

a group of people posing for a picture

Chris Runge, Jeremy Runge, and some older man

two people hiking on a rocky trail

Dudley leads the way down the South Kaibab trail

a large canyon with a blue sky

Beautiful from any angle

a group of people hiking on a trail

Judy Burgess and Dudley lead the way

a group of people hiking on a trail

Matt Burgess '92 on point

a group of people posing for a photo

OK, no turning back now!

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