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Midnight Munch Spring 2012

a group of chefs cooking in a kitchen

The calm before (and after) the storm.

a man talking to another man

Professor of Rhetoric and Emeritus Professor of English Don Herring shares a story with James Jeffries from Career Services.

a group of people in aprons standing in front of a buffet

Retiring Professor of Political Science David Hadley has served a pancake or two during his 43 years at Wabash College.

a man and woman standing in front of a counter

Associate Professor of Chemistry Lon Porter and Professor of Political Science Melissa Butler are veterans of the Midnight Munch; although Porter may be the first person to bring a personalized apron to the event.

a group of people standing in a hallway

Students lined up to take a break from their studies.

a group of men standing in a line

Checking out the many choices.

a man holding a plate of food

There is always room for another pancake.

a woman serving food to a man

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric Sara Drury serves tasty tater tots to another hungry student.

a group of people serving food

Professor Hadley makes certain Montana Timmons has plenty to eat. The students recognized Hadley's years of service at Wabash during the Midnight Munch.

a group of men sitting around a table

Seniors Tyler Wade, Luke Zinsmaster, and André Adeyemi enjoy their final Midnight Munch at Wabash.

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