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Tea Time: Reading from Plays by Jordan Plohr ’12

a man in glasses holding a paper

Jordan Plohr ’12 introduces Tea Time, his collection of short plays, to faculty, staff, and students in the Experimental Theater.

a group of men sitting in chairs

Geoffrey McKinney ’12 delivered some of the funniest lines in Plohr's reading.

a man in glasses laughing while holding a book

Donovan Bisbee ’12 enjoyed the parts he played during the reading nearly as much as the audience enjoyed his performances.

a man reading a book

Raynor Mendoza ’13

a man in a suit

Zach Thompson ’13 returned from studying in England just in time to participate in the reading.

a man holding a pen

Professor of Theater Jim Cherry suggested that Plohr expand one of the plays to a longer work.

a man with glasses laughing

Professor of Psychology Eric Olofson enjoys the reading.

a man in a red shirt

Arjun Kumar ’13

a man in a green jacket

Senior Reed Hepburn offered encouragement.

a man with glasses and beard

PRofessor of Theater Dwight Watson introduced Plohr's reading. 'In the College’s most recent production, Jordan played the miser, Harpagon, with such cleverness and skill one might think that Moliere's character and Jordan were one and the same. Not true. He is good natured with a generous sprit that you can not help but enjoy his company on the stage or behind the scenes.'

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