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Fall Color - 2010

a red sign on a pole

While the temperatures have been more like early summer the last week or so, it's definitely looking like fall on campus.

a bulldozer on a dirt road

Be careful out there! It's deere season! This one was spotted in the baseball stadium construction zone.

a group of people on a field

In a few short months these workers and their machinery will be replaced with players and bats who are no doubt looking forward to spring season this year.

a building with a door and a sign

The morning sun looked especially warm glowing through the orange and red leaves near the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies.

a bee on a flower

Stocking up for winter isn't just for squirrels.

a house with a black door and a tree

Caleb Mills would be proud of the welcoming entrance to his home.

a football field with a building and trees

Despite the dry weather the football field looks good as new!

a yellow flowers in a garden

The beautiful yellow mum in front of the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion is a great way to greet campus guests.

a brick building with a tree in front of it

Almost makes one wonder what year it really is.

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