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Football Field Update 8-13-2010

a group of men standing on a ramp

Friday morning the crew was working on installing turf on the visitor's side of the field.

a man driving a tractor on a field

Here the tractor driver pulls a roll of turf upside down onto turf for stitching.

a football field with a white strip

The coaches' box and sidelines will really standout with the white turf!

a long shot of a grass field

As more and more of the "turf" goes down and the field turns green, you have to occasionally remind yourself it is 'carpeting.'

a football field with a white roll of paper

A view from the endzone.

a football field with a building and a tower

The entire playing field is now covered. But there is still lots of work to do with hash marks and lettering.

a stadium with a sign on the side

A turf gopher must have taken this shot.

a scoreboard with a scoreboard and a scoreboard

The new scoreboard awaits the bottom trim and the signage which goes across the top. The new message board is working just fine.

a football field with a building and a blue sky

The next three photos are a look from the home stands.

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