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Athletic Fields Update, June 9

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Week 4 of work on Hollett field continues. Photos by Kyle Bender ‘12

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All the sod within the track oval has been removed. The crew will now begin to pour a cement train that runs alongside the track.

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Perhaps the last time fans will see the current scoreboard. A new digital scoreboard will be installed for the start of next season.

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Where are the goal posts? Spencer Whitehead ’11, placekicker for the Little Giants, need not worry as they were temporarily removed while the FieldTurf is installed.

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With the Chapel in the background, this mound is the only dirt that remains to be taken from the field. Dump trucks have continuously been hauling away loads for two weeks.

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One of the only pieces of evidence that football was once played here at Hollett Field. An alum asked this weekend at Big Bash if Wabash had given up the sport and taken up excavation instead.

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A different look to the baseball field at Mud Hollow. Sod has been laid to cover the infield so that the field may be used in the fall.

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– The height difference between the sod and the original grass. As the sod takes root, it will begin to settle and become flush with the older grass.

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Even the bullpens were sodded!

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Some of the dirt that was hauled away from the football field to be used in the construction of the new baseball field on the southwest side of the Allen Center.

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Stips of sod being cut away at Mud Hollow.