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Football Field Construction — May 28

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On Friday workers concentrated their efforts on hauling away dirt — truckload after truckload — as crews prepare the field for underlayment.

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The old play clocks and huge chunks of the long jump runway sit in piles ready to be hauled away for disposal or recycling.

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Bulldozers are grading the surface in preparation for Field Turf underlayment. About 10 additional inches of dirt needs to be removed before the process can begin.

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A survey crew, including Mike Phillips ’96, has staked out the the field to give the bulldozers an indication of how deep they must dig to get the surface prepped for Field Turf. 

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You really have to stand there and take it all in to realize how much work has been completed in just one week.

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This used to be the runway for the pole vault.

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A familiar scene: dump trucks coming and going as they cart tons of dirt from Byron P. Hollett Little Giant Stadium. Much of it will be used in the construction of the new baseball stadium, which will get underway in earnest in the next two weeks.

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If it looks like a battlefield, well, it always has been a battlefield for Wabash's football team. The 2010 Little Giants will compete on a new Field Turf playing surface.