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Working through Summer

a group of men standing in front of flags

indy mayors office

Adam Kirsch and Elliott Vice, flanked by deputy mayors Eugene Anderson and Steve Campbell, served internships in the office of Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson.

Kirsch and Vice were two of 110 student interning or doing research last summer.

More on internships in the "Callings" issue of WM in January 2006.

a few men holding a sign


Andrew Wells interned with Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita ’92.

a group of men holding a container

raycroft hyde

Fran Raycroft interned with Notre Dame Professor David Hyde and worked with Wabash alum Shane Fimbel ’03.

a man sitting at a table talking to another man


Mike Bohling makes a point during class in the College's Summer Business Immersion Program.

a man standing in a lab


Nick Gregory worked for bio-tech startup Quadraspec at the Purdue Technology Park.

men sitting in office chairs


Adam Kirsch and Elliott Vice relax at their desks in the Indianapolis Mayor's office.

More on Kirsch and Vice's work in the "Callings" issue of Wabash Magazine, January 2006

a group of men standing in front of a building


Fran Raycroft joined his brother, Maury, and Shane Fimbel, to form the Wabash contingent in research at Notre Dame.

a group of men walking in a hallway

business immersion

Students in the College's Summer Business Immersion program take a break at the Allen Center.

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