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2012 Seniors Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Twenty-three graduating seniors were inducted into the Wabash College chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on Saturday afternoon during Commencement Weekend.

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest academic honor society. Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa’s motto is “Love of learning is the guide of life.” Only 10 percent of all colleges and universities have Phi Beta Kappa chapters and only 10 percent of graduates of arts and science programs at those distinguished institutions are selected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa.

Robert Cassady (right — South Bend, IN) and Zachary Rohrbach (below right — Indianapolis, IN) were elected as juniors at last year's Commencement.

Senior inductees this year include Andrew Alexander (Yorktown, IN), Thomas Ball (Glenview, IL), Seth Bawel (Indianapolis, IN), Evan Bayless (Crawfordsville, IN), Kyle Bender (Delphi, IN), Donovan Bisbee (Ridgefield, WA), Trevor Counceller (Columbus, IN), Nicholas Curosh (Whiting, IN), Christopher Deig (Evansville, IN), Kenneth Farris (Indianapolis, IN), Peter Guiden (Fond du Lac, WI), Peter Gunderman (Zionsville, IN), Steven Henke (Indianapolis, IN), Kristofer Klondaris (Warsaw, IN), Andrew Kunze (Danville, IL), Bihui Liu (Chengdu, The People’s Republic of China ), Zeyu Lu (Jiangsu Province, The People’s Republic of China), Timothy Markey (Fort Wayne, IN), Peter Robbins (Indianapolis, IN), Jeffrey Soller (Indianapolis, IN), Yijun Tang (Changshu, Jiangsu, The People’s Republic of China), Anh Tran (Hanoi, Vietnam), and Michael Trevino (San Antonio, TX).

Each year, exceptional members of the junior class are also inducted. This year’s junior inductees into Phi Beta Kappa are Jordan Hoerr (Peoria, IL) and Ronald Sullivan (North Vernon, IN).

Membership in Phi Beta Kappa shows commitment to the liberal arts and sciences, and to freedom of inquiry and expression — and it provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. Potential employers regularly contact the national office of Phi Beta Kappa to confirm the membership of job seekers who have listed Phi Beta Kappa among their credentials.