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Spring/Summer 2019: From Our Readers

Commanding the Shuttle 

Thank you for the article featuring Mike Patterson ’82 and his career at NASA [“Blue Streak,” WM Winter 2019]. I overlapped for two years with Mike and lived on the same floor in Wolcott Hall. I remember that his dream was to fly on the Space Shuttle, but working for NASA in any capacity was always his plan. I am thrilled that his goal has been so productively fulfilled! 

While Mike may have never flown on the Space Shuttle, he did command more than one Shuttle mission, albeit launched from Mud Hollow rather than the Kennedy Space Center. I dug through some old photos I took while at Wabash and found some pictures of Mike and his fellow GDIs (in Spring 1982, if I remember correctly) conducting several Shuttle missions, including launch and recovery. 

Jeff Stack ’84 Roscoe, IL

A Quality Education 

The prose and photography in Movers and Shakers [WM Winter 2019] are first rate. I read the entire magazine. 

The stories of Wabash graduates and their careers reinforces the fact that Wabash gives a quality education to its students. 

Alan S. Ganz ’54 Dearborn, IL


The Winter edition [WM “Movers and Shakers”] had a plethora of thought-provoking content. None more so than the article about Doug Petno ’87 and his rise to the top. His career is truly inspiring. 

Miles Millott ’15 Indianapolis, IN