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Fall 2018: Matt Goodrich ’09


Matt Goodrich ’09 moved to New York five years ago “to pursue training”—specifically at the William Esper Studio to study the Meisner Technique. It’s a method focused on “the reality of doing” that they say takes a few years to learn and 20 years to master.

In 2017 Goodrich moved back to Indianapolis and began working upscale events in the service industry, appearing in commercials, and auditioning for TV programs.

“There were roles I couldn’t accept in New York because I couldn’t afford to do them and work the other jobs I needed to work to stay there,” Goodrich told WM during a photoshoot at the Helen Wells Agency, which represents him. 

“Artists need a patron, or you have to be your own.” Goodrich laughs. “I’m in this for the long haul—I’ll be acting for the rest of my life. What I’ll be doing to support that work until it supports itself, that changes.”

One of the benefits of his long view is renewing his Indiana connections.

“Sometimes I’ll be serving a birthday, or a big wedding anniversary or family gathering, and I realize that these are the sorts of things that I was missing when I was in New York. Those people aren’t going to be here forever; I don’t want to miss too many of those.”