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Fall 2018: Homecoming Chapel 2018

Honorary Alumna
Shinichi Suzuki, a violinist, like you, once said, “Music is the language of the heart without words.” You have spent a lifetime speaking with your heart and letting your actions speak for themselves. 

We at the College are eternally grateful that you have joined with your husband John to share your love of and commitment to Wabash: creating opportunities for professional growth; developing an important and ongoing relationship with the University of Harlaxton; contributing to the creation of new student housing; and—because of your love of travel—investing mightily to provide cross-cultural immersion learning opportunities for all Wabash men.

Honorary Alumni
Thirty-three years ago you walked into Lilly Library to ask if the College had made plans to care for its international students during the Thanksgiving break. 

Using your own resources and dogged perseverance, you created what is now known as our Community Friends Program. You and a tremendous cadre of volunteers make it your responsibility to welcome these vulnerable new students. 

Most importantly—and this is your legacy—international students who have bonded with Community Friends build relationships that endure.

Frank W. Misch Award Distinguished Service Award
Family members often laugh together, cry together, and quarrel together. You have done all of those things with your Wabash family. 

You have often been the person in the room asking the most difficult questions about our College—its financial future and long-term sustainability. The questions you raise and the possibilities you inspire have focused Trustees and administrators on issues that matter.

Jeremy Robert Wright Young Alumnus Award
You are an award-winning teacher at Stanford and your 2013 book, Representational Style in Congress: What Legislators Say and Why It Matters, was published by Cambridge University Press and received the 2014 Richard F. Fenno, Jr. Prize. Your articles have won prestigious awards and have received attention in Forbes, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NPR. 

You share many of the same qualities that Jeremy Wright exhibited in his remarkable, but short 31 years—keen intellect, insatiable curiosity, and always seeking to get the most of every opportunity, each and every day.

Fredrick J. Urbaska Civic Service Award
As a federal judge of Florida’s 6th Judicial Circuit Court in Port Richey, Florida, you have presided over Pasco County’s Adult Drug Court, a truly innovative program that works with first-time felony drug offenders. Not only are you saving lives, it is estimated that your Drug Court saves taxpayers $6.9 million each year. 

Shari Albright, who graduated from Drug Court in 2015, put it this way in an article for the Tampa Bay Times: “There isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t some sort of gratitude in my heart for this program. This really changed the trajectory of my life.

“Judge Crane believed in me when no one else did."


Alumni Career Services Fellows
You make yourselves available to Wabash students almost 24/7, frequently stepping in last-minute to assist our staff and serve our students. Because of you, our students are confident and more prepared to enter the workforce after graduating from Wabash.

Alumni Admissions Fellow
Every student from Tucson who has enrolled at Wabash over the last 10 years has had some meaningful interaction with you. There is simply no way Wabash could have such a strong recruiting presence and success in Arizona without Pat Weber.

Clarence A. Jackson Distinguished Career Achievement Award
Serial entrepreneur, venture investor, and devout world traveler, you have said, “The seemingly insurmountable problems are the most interesting… Really hard problems scare people away, but ironically most funds today are looking for people tackling really hard problems.”

The National Association of Wabash Men admires your thirst for knowledge, never-ending love of travel, and embrace of emerging technologies