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Friday's Annual Ides of August Presentations

Wabash College’s annual Ides of August program will be presented in Hays Science Hall, Room 104, Friday, August 17. The Ides of August is the College’s traditional forum for faculty and staff members to discuss their recent projects. Featured on Friday’s program are:


9:00 First session: Hays Hall 104 (J. Beck, moderator)

9:00 Wally Novak: Designing Protein Conformational Switches

9:20 Reed Spencer: Mind, Heart, and Body: Conductors use the Enneagram to Reflect on Rehearsals

9:40 Michele Pittard: Charlie "Mad Dog" Madison  

10:00 Brad Carlson: Classroom Research on the Ecological Effects of Pesticides and Fish: a CURE for the Challenge of Studying Environmental Change

10:40 Session Two: Hays Hall 104 (W. Novak, moderator)

10:40 Neil Schmitzer-Torbert: How Should I Study? Helping Students Adopt Effective Study Strategies for Exams

11:00 Erika Sorensen-Kamakian: MicroRNAs mir-61 and mir-250 are required to Maintain Stem Cell Identity

11:20 Joyce Burnette: Explaining the Gender Gap among Swedish Compositors in 1903

11:40 James K. Makubuya: Musical Bows and their Contextual Significance

1:20 Session Three: Hays Hall 104 (E. Sorensen-Kamakian, moderator)

1:20 Mollie Ables & Chris Renk: Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Approaches to Teaching Classical Music

1:40 Matt Carlson: Freedom of Speech and the Pursuit of Truth

2:00 Cara Healey: Gender and Genre in Chinese Science Fiction

2:20 Paul D. Schmitt: Construction of a Laser Scanning Nonlinear Optical Microscope and Application for Agrochemical Development and Testing

3:00 Session Four: Hays Hall 104 (J. Beck, moderator)

3:00 Sara A. Mehltretter Drury: Deliberation and Democratic Innovation in Scotland

3:20 Jeffrey P. Mehltretter Drury: Hamilton: An American Musicalon Argumentation

3:40 Colin McKinney: The Sea Island Mathematical Manual