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Wabash Day 2010 - Seattle

The Seattle area Wabash Day event was a great success. With a total of 12 volunteers in attendance, they started the day by learning a bit about Ryther Child center from its CEO, Lee Grogg '68.

After introductions they proceeded to Ryther's large meeting and event room to prepare it for a new coat of paint. As soon as every edge had been taped and the carpets covered they went to work painting the entire room in new colors. It was a good event with fun had by all.

Census: John Kasey '08, Sarah Payton (John Kasey's fiancé), Rekko Enochs (Friend), Ray Pryor (Friend), Sheri Fairchild (Friend), Yasmine Fairchild (Sheri's Daughter), Kris Klippel '03, Sarah Klippel (Kris's wife), Lee Grogg '68, Bob Breshock '79, Greg Fulmer '05, Liz Humston (Greg Fulmer's fiancé)