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Free H1N1 Vaccine Available Tuesday on Campus

Wabash College students, faculty and staff will have a chance to get a free H1N1 vaccination on campus Tuesday.

The Montgomery County Health Department has received a large supply of the influenza vaccine. The nasal vaccine will be given 5:30-7 p.m., Tuesday, in the Sparks Center. The vaccine is intended for those 2-49 years of age. There will also be an injectable vaccine available.
Anyone interested in taking advantage of the free flu shot should send an email to College Nurse Carol Lamb indicating your interest and if your spouse or partner wants the vaccination.
“The number of cases of H1N1 illness on campus and in the community have dropped dramatically BUT, another wave of H1N1 is expected to hit over the next month or so,” wrote Dr. John Roberts ‘83 M.D. in a college-wide email. “We therefore strongly advise you to get vaccinated to lessen your risk of getting ill, perhaps during finals, over winter break or during senior comps.

“There really is no good reason not to be vaccinated unless you have a contraindication such as egg allergy or you have had problems with influenza vaccination in the past. We now have good data after administering millions of doses and no unusual side effects have been identified. Remember that this vaccine is manufactured in exactly the same way as seasonal influenza vaccine that has one of the highest safety profiles of any vaccine.”