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Wabash, DePauw Presidents Issue Joint Statement

Wabash and DePauw College Presidents have issued a joint letter urging their respective communities to celebrate not just the game but each of the institutions long histories and traditions.

Wabash President Patrick White and DePauw President Brian Casey have made the joint statement about celebrating the things that bring the schools together each fall.
“We are sending this message in the hopes that you will join us in celebrating the many things that DePauw and Wabash share and the great tradition that is entrusted to us,” the letter read. “Please respect and take care of one another; by doing so, you are building upon the foundations of a rivalry that has engaged and thrilled generations of our students. “
The letter also announced a couple signs of sportsmanship that will play out before the game. Wabash’s Sphinx Club and the DePauw Pep Band will meet at mid-field for both school songs and the National Anthem. Presidents White and Casey will have a mid-field handshake before kickoff.
President Casey promises “to extend a hearty and welcoming Tiger hand of hospitality to the Wabash Little Giants as well as to Wabash students, alumni, faculty and staff, families and friends.”
And while both presidents signed the letter saluting their respective teams, they urged a continued mutual respect and celebratory spirit throughout the year. “Today and throughout the year, we can all celebrate the fact that DePauw and Wabash are two great schools that share this tremendous tradition alongside a tremendous mutual respect and admiration.”
The 116th Monon Bell Classic will kickoff at 1:07 p.m. Saturday. The game is nationally telecast on HDNet. Wabash and DePauw alumni and friends will join the national television audience at viewing parties across the nation.