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Seattle '09

Wabash alumni, family, and friends in the Puget Sound participated in the 5th annual Wabash Day on Sunday, October 4, 2009. A group of nine volunteered their time at the Ryther Child Center in Seattle. The day's tasks included giving a fresh coat of paint to RCC's indoor playroom and helping to prepare a section of lawn for reseeding. Ryther Child Center, led by Lee Grogg '68, provides a safe place for children exposed to neglect, mental illness, and emotional, physical, sexual, and/or chemical abuse.

This year's participants were: Lee Grogg '68, Kris Klippel '03, Tom Kometani '58, Sarah Payton, John Kasey '08, Al Huff '60, Drew Huff, Andrew Naugle '98, and Corley Hughes.