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Mississippi '09

The Mississippi Association of Wabash Men again held their Wabash Day Project at the Animal Rescue League of Laurel/Jones County, Saturday, October 3rd.

It was a delightful morning for the five hearty souls who assisted, primarily in the outdoor landscaping of the Shelter and cleaning of paths around the pens. A major effort was the cleaning of overgrown grass and silt from a driveway that leads to direct access to the outside pens.

After the heavy work was completed, and, as Saturday was also the annual “Blessing of the Pets” at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Laurel, our little group also assisted in the unloading of various gifts of food and supplies for the Shelter from the Blessing’s contributors.

Finally, a Wabash Day ’09 pennant and an overhead picture of our Special Place now hang proudly in the Shelter’s office. Our group then adjourned to the Cline home for lunch and fellowship.

Participants for the Day were: Alumni, Trey Chinn ’05, Claude Mabry ’06 and Lee Cline ’66, together with Betty Cline and Taylor Michael, a candidate for the Class of 2014 from Laurel Christian High.