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Kansas City '09

On Saturday, October 3, 2009, Wabash alums living in the Kansas City area, along with family and friends, participated in Wabash Day (Wabash Alumni Benefiting and Serving Humanity) by volunteering at Harvesters Community Food Network.

“Harvesters is a food bank, which is a centralized food collection and distribution facility that provides food and household products to agencies serving people in need.” - Harvesters Community Food Network.

We dedicated our time to sorting, boxing, and labeling food items for distribution.

Those in attendance for the October 3, 2009, Wabash Day:

Kelly Richey (spouse of Derek)
Derek Richey ‘01
Lincoln Richey (son of Derek & Kelly)
Darius Drew (friend of Michael)
Darius Mathis (nephew of Michael)
Cyril Welter ‘72
Guy Jacobs ’91
Tony Quandt ‘04
EJ Becker ‘94
Michael Cummings ‘86