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Indianapolis, Second Helpings

During the Second Helpings project, we worked with rescued food to prepare nutritious meals for Second Helpings to distribute. Second Helpings accepts donated perishable and overstocked food to prepare nutritious meals for thousands of hungry children and adults every day, and distributes them free of charge through local social service agencies in Greater Indianapolis. Second Helpings also trains unemployed and underemployed adults for meaningful careers in the culinary industry.

Our Wabash Day group cubed and cooked pounds and pounds of beef, washed dishes swept and mopped floors and wrapped up meals for Second Helpings to send out over the following couple of days. We prepared enough food to feed hundreds of people all over Indianapolis.

Our group consisted of nine Wabash volunteers. They were:

Bryan Roesler ‘06
Ashleigh Graves (Bryan’s fiancée)
Dan Sheldon ‘06
John Lowe ‘73
Hugh Vandivier ‘91
Jack Mansfield '01
Dusty Brahlek (Jack’s Girlfriend)
Andrea Pactor (Jon Pactor’s Wife)
Mark Dill ‘75