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Fifth W.A.B.A.S.H. Day This Weekend

For the fifth year Wabash men across the nation will gather this weekend to live humanely and act responsibly while performing service to improve their community.

The fifth-annual W.A.B.A.S.H. Day ( Wabash Alumni Benefiting and Serving Humanity) has sites across the country and hundreds of volunteers to work on projects that will have an impact in their community.
“It’s hard to believe that we are having our fifth Wabash Day,” Chairman Jon Pactor ’71 said. “It is now part of the life of Wabash. But, as it represents our core values, especially those of responsible citizens and effective leaders, it is not surprising. I don’t think any college’s alumni can excel those of Wabash College.”
The projects range from working with special needs children, painting, landscaping, and many other tasks that will help out mostly not-for-profit agencies in more than 30 communities. The projects span the west coast to east coast and cities in between.
“Wabash Day, or in reality Wabash Weekend, is a weekend of community service by Wabash's regional alumni associations,” Director of Alumni Relations Tom Runge said. “This year we expect to have 30 to 35 different service projects in 16 states and the District of Columbia. The Wabash regional groups have selected local projects that directly benefit their communities.”
See a complete list of projects by going to the Wabash Day page, click here. Most of the projects will be Saturday but a few will be held Sunday as well.
“Young and old alumni will be working side by side along with family and friends,” Pactor added. “At the end of Wabash Day, the communities where we live will be more humane, and our Wabash bonds will be stronger.”
Wabash Day was created and began five years ago. “The Wabash alumni board started Wabash Day with the goal of involving Wabash alumni, family, and friends in a community-oriented and fun service project,” Runge said . “Over that span the service weekend has steadily grown in popularity.”