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President Patrick White Celebrates Wabash's Senioritis

Senioritis was on President Patrick White’s mind as he kicked off the 2009-2010 Chapel Talk series. But the President’s take on senioritis might be different than the normal connotation.


“Harder to detect than H1N1, senioritis is a serious threat,” the President suggested. “You may remember this from high school days. In conventional senioritis one is convinced that this is the time to coast, this is the time to lie back and not take yourself or your experience too seriously. But when I look at the seniors, the men who I have admired and grown with, I know no one in this senior class who is susceptible to traditional old-fashioned senioritis marked by lazy days and a feckless senioritis that makes you immune from the run of the mill kind.
" I have identified this special strain of senioritis I call W1AF, Wabash senioritis. At Wabash the positive engaged senioritis is a communicable disease, a model of leadership that seniors share with everyone.”
The president shared anecdotes from his summer vacation and weaved those into his message about Wabash leadership. He suggested senioritis spreads through all four classes of Wabash men, through the administration, faculty and staff.
“Let us live this year, let us live this day whether we are seniors in age or years in college or just have caught the good form of senioritis, let us begin this year with hearts made strong with hope and promise.”

In photos: President White talks about his summer hiking in the Teton Mountains. Lower right, a fraternity tradition - freshmen in coats and ties.