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2009 Ides of August Program Presented Friday

Wabash College’s annual Ides of August program will be presented in Hays Science Hall, Room 104, Friday, August 21. The Ides of August is the College’s traditional forum for faculty and staff members to discuss their recent projects. Featured on Friday’s program are:

Session One (9:00 a.m.)

9:00: Stephen Morillo: “World History in Fifteen Minutes”

9:20: William Turner: “Computational Science at Wabash College”

9:40: Jennifer Abbott: “Teaching Public Speaking as a Liberal Art: A Progress Report”

10:00: Preston Bost: “Can Students Predict the Final Exam? Assessing the Communication of Course Goals”

Session Two (10:40 a.m.)

10:40: Vanessa Rogers: “The London Theater Orchestra 1750-1820 and Orchestral Seating in the Georgian-Era Playhouse”

11:00: Tim Lake: “African American Markings: Finding Indiana’s Black Public Landmarks”

11:20: Peter Mikek: “Partitioning European Inflation”

11:40: Isabel Jaen-Portillo: “Why We Need Literature: The Role of Fictional Narratives in Human Development and College Education”

Session Three (1:30 p.m.)

1:30: James Makubuya: “Lokeme and Budongo Lamellaphones in Africa: An Examination of their Musical and Cultural Significance”

1:50: Paul Vasquez: “Beyond Kit-bag Smiles and Stiff Upper Lips: Explaining British Support for the First World War”

2:10: Eric Freeze: “Francis the Giant: Vision and Revision in Dominant Traits”

2:30: Amanda Ingram: “My Journey to Oz: Brizzie, Barbies, Bities, and Bush Bashing”

2:50: Brian Tucker: “Freud’s Riddles”

Session Four (3:30 p.m.)

3:30: Martin Madsen: “Atomic Physics at Wabash”

3:50: Mark Brouwer: “Philosophical Dogma: Purification and the Pursuit of Truth in Plato’s Phaedo”

4:10: Agata Szczeszak-Brewer: “Conrad’s Colonial Circus”

4:30: James Cherry: “Speaking in the Aftermath: Rhetoric and Catharsis in the Plays of Anne Nelson”

The public is welcome at the Ides of August program.