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The Reason I Do Weddings

When you do anything for a while, no matter what it is, it is easy to become a little bored. No matter how much I love pizza, if I ate it everyday I'm sure in no time I would hate it. With the wedding schedule I keep it would be very easy to become a little burnt out.

Luckily, every few weddings I really feel as if I connect with the couple who I am photographing. What this really does more than anything is remind me of my relationship with my wife and how lucky I am to have someone who really gets who I am. I think that this propels me to try and get to the basis of who each couple is as a whole. Sometimes this is hard. Sometimes it is easy. Either way, I always try my hardest.

My whole point is that if you are willing to be real and up-front and honest with the people you encounter in life it always leads to positive things. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to work with a couple who did just that.

I really don't have a personal relationship with the bride or the groom. In fact, I only met Justin the day of the wedding. Their openness and realness really impressed me and I think that from the images you can really tell the kind of relationship they have. It is very easy to get caught up in what a wedding day "should" be, but once these two got together all of that "stuff" just kind of melted away to reveal who they really were as people and as a couple.

I know that will have a long and happy life together, and I feel fortunate to have been there to celebrate them through my work.

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